Safety is very important to us here at crazy kids, and we go out of our way to ensure that the products that we sell are as safe as they can be for children.(and some adults.)

Most of our staff are parents themselves so we have a very valuable input source when it comes to safety.

If we feel that a product is not safe we will not sell it, or if we discover a product to be unsafe we will immediately discontinue it.

Please contact us with any safety related issues.

Sadly, thousands of children are injured every year by toys and even more tragically children die playing with toys, so it is a very serious issue.


We test all products before loading them.

3.Safety Advice

You will find Safety Advice in each product's description.

This advice is to help parents and guardians ensure that no harm is caused by a product.

4.Safety Warnings 

Safety Warnings are provided by manufacturers themselves and will be displayed on the product.

These warnings are stated in the description of a product.

5.Safety after purchase

We do everything that we can to ensure that the products that we sell are safe but we cannot do much after purchase.

Ultimately a child's safety falls upon the parent or guardian.

Please read through the following safety guidelines to assist you.

5.1. The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule of toy safety is simply: if you are not sure, leave it. There is no sense in taking a risk when it comes to your child's safety. Rather buy something else.

5.2 Warnings

All products come with warnings that by law must be prominently displayed on the packaging.

Take note of these warnings, they are there for a reason.

5.3. Damages

A toy might start out safe but that can quickly change once it breaks.

Rather dispose of broken toys like one would dispose of a glass with a chip in.

Regularly inspect your child's toys. There may just be a hidden danger lurking in the cupboard.

5.3. Assembly

Some products require assembly and if assembled incorrectly may pose very serious threats.

This is especially true for products that need to support the weight of a child.

Follow the instructions and don't skip steps.

If you are unsure about assembly, rather return the product.

Assembly should not be undertaken whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

5.4. Liquids

Liquids pose significant risks to children as they may not understand the difference between a dangerous liquid and a cool drink.

When children play with toys involving liquids, there must always be adult supervision.

5.5. Speed

Speed kills. Some toys will allow a child to travel at speed, such as bicycles and adults must strictly supervise these activities.

Children venturing out onto public roads are exposed to the same dangers as adults.